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World University Championships 2018

The programme of the World University Championships is subject to change and currently includes 37 sports.

In order to be as complete as possible, it includes:

  • Individual/ team sports
  • Indoor/ outdoor sports
  • Mind sports
  • Summer / Winter sports



Championnat du Monde Universitaire (CMU) en Suisse

2018: CMU Cross Country, St. Gallen
2016: CMU Triathlon, Nyon
2014: CMU Golf, Crans-Montana
2010: CMU Echec, Zürich
2006: CMU Triathlon, Lausanne
          CMU Floorball, Bern
2000: CMU Equitation, Bern
1996: CMU Golf, Lausanne-Bonmont
1994: CMU course d'orientation, Fiesch